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Need Gum Gone? Chewing gum removal is a very sticky business, whether it is on your concrete, parking lot or the side of a building, chewing gum eventually transforms into a dark smudge on concrete. But before that happens, pedestrians and clients coming into a store or office will walk on the gum and get it in all over the carpets, rugs and mats. Then it’s forced deep into the carpet fibers and into the porous surface of concrete or asphalt, just waiting for someone to step in it again, to carry it somewhere else in your building.

We are happy to offer gum removal as one of our commercial pressure washing services in Minneapolis MN. Find information on our service below:


The best methods for removing gum from concrete depends on how long the gum has been there and level of penetration into the concrete surface. If the gum was left recently and it has not penetrated the surface yet, we are sometimes able to get it off by covering it with ice until it freezes, then scraping the gum off with a metal putty knife.

The ice forces the gum to freeze into a workable substance compared to a warm and sticky glob. Once the gum is frozen, we slide a putty knife or scraper under the gum residue. Next we slide the scraper slowly under the gum and the entire piece should peel right off of the concrete.

The above method is only possible with brand new gum.

When we remove gum that has turned black, or is already smashed deep down into the concrete, we use a hot water power washer with the heat dialed up to 200 Degrees in order to melt the chewing gum. For this type of gum removal service, we will not use very high pressure because that could harm the surface of the concrete!

Our crew never uses any more pressure than needed to safely clean commercial concrete. These types of surfaces can be damaged much easier than people think, especially if they’re only a few years old. Concrete can require up to 100 years to cure. That is why we always use hot water and the least amount of pressure possible for our chewing gum removal service.


To completely remove chewing gum from parking lots and other surfaces we use custom designed hot water pressure washing equipment and powerful soaps and detergents that allow us to effectively clean the surface without causing any damages.

Using special 200 degree hot water power washers and low pressure, we safely remove gum and surface dirt all while protecting the surface. Our process will also eliminate bacteria and viruses that can be found in gum on concrete.

By hiring Minneapolis Pressure Washing for regular maintenance commercial cleaning at your store or office, your property will have better curb appeal and your gum removal problems will be dealt with! You will also prevent damage to carpets and interior flooring while also making your storefront more appealing to clientele.


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